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You know, it's funny. I was just thinking about this cartoon yesterday.

Indie animation needs more stuff like this, man!


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It's a little gay, TBH.

I like it, but it seems to be a little unfinished. I was never able to actually start a date; the game just loops right when I think it's supposed to begin. I don't know if you just left it there, but it feels like some sort of glitch to me. But I think I got all the endings.

A few other things I noticed: Lucario was talking about defending me even though I chose the 'Fight back' option. I noticed that he defends you when you choose the 'Stay quiet' option, so I think it's just an oversight. When you get asked to be taken to a therapist, if you protest 'No,' the screen goes black, and I presume you intend for there to be an ending card, and some way to restart.

Here are a few things that are a bit nitpicky, but I thought I'd mention them: Some buttons have a rollover color and others don't. To me, that kind of adds to what I was saying about it feeling a bit unfinished. There are some other inconsistencies too, like text color changing from black to white, some textboxes having borders around them, and others don't, etc.

I like a lot of the pixel art, but feel like a lot of them could use some backgrounds, rather than just a solid white color. I'm not talking about going crazy, but I think some decent backgrounds could really make them pop! I like the music too.

It's a fun game as is, but it would be better if I could start the date. I think that really holds it back.

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Hey, thank you for the time taken to write this review dude. I agree with this and really appreciated it.
I actually updated the game to make it longer, I also added backgrounds and fixed that glitch that happens when you pick the "No!" option. I just updated the file on this page.

I think the biggest thing with this game is the character being hard to control. That seemed to be the biggest issue I kept running into. I don't know too much about this game engine, but if there's any way to tighten the controls, I think that really would help a lot. Are you familiar with Clickteam Fusion? It might work a little bit better for creating platformers like this. (I played around with it during the development of Aria Dating Sim before deciding that Ren'Py would work better.) Just thought I'd mention it.

I feel like a separate button to fire would also be helpful. (Might be a bit of a nitpick, but I would prefer it.)

Near the first doorway, I fell out of bounds. So you may want to put a few extra walls around areas like that. Having friends playtest your games first might help with things like that, as they might find exploits that you might not have even thought of on your own.

In "Hills" portion of the game, I thought it was a very creative idea to fall and teleport Pac-Man style. However, it just became too difficult for me to get through because of the controls.

But anyway, those are my thoughts. It's cool to see you making stuff again. Definitely keep at it! The more you practice, the better you'll get at it.

Anita Sarkeesian would love this game.

hentaiwriter responds:

This review man, this review... hahahaha

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Amazing job as usual!

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Those colors are getting better.

wackywaterartist12 responds:

Thanks x3

I just noticed he's packing.

Good shit.

wackywaterartist12 responds:

Glad you like it x3

I've been kicked out of the Art Portal twice. You don't want to scout me.

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